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Software Development Factory

AVANGENIO is your trusted partner in driving digital transformation. We specialize in delivering customized software development solutions, harnessing the capabilities of open-source tools to enable you to attain technological independence. With a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years, we have a proven track record of designing and developing a wide range of successful projects for our clients. 

Are you ready to accelerate the digital transition of your company? Let us help you take the next step.

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If you enjoy getting involved in innovative IT projects, if you expect your professional development to impact your environment, AVANGENIO is your place!

We invite you to be part of this family, and share our values: teamwork, empathy and integrity.

What we do
Software Development and IT Consulting

Software Development Factory

Our cross-functional team combines technical skills, collaboration, and attention to detail to design, code, test, and maintain software applications or systems. We follow agile methodologies aimed at creating high-quality software with flexibility, and continuous improvement to meet the specific needs and requirements of the clients.

IT and Communications Consulting

We provide expert advice and guidance to businesses and organizations in the areas of information technology (IT) and communications. We work closely with clients to understand their specific needs, challenges, and goals, and then offer strategic recommendations and solutions to help them optimize their IT and communications infrastructure.

Telecommunications and Tailored Electronics

We deliver customized solutions in the areas of telecommunications and electronic devices. The focus is on meeting the specific needs and requirements of clients, optimizing communication infrastructure, and providing tailored electronic solutions that enhance efficiency and performance.

Business Communication, Marketing and Design

We enhance a business's communication efforts, promote products and services effectively, and create visually appealing designs that resonate with the target audience. We help businesses communicate their brand and achieve their goals by strategically planning, and creating captivating content.

We have a wide experience in the development of solutions for different sectors

Our clients, the driving force behind our existence

"I have been working with Avangenio for more than three years. The working relationship arose to face some of the medical challenges imposed by COVID-19. The resolution capacity of its specialists made it possible to find fast, safe and robust informatics solutions to highly complex problems. This result can be seen with the Sanitary Registration granted by the CECMED to our software. Currently, we're continuously tackling new challenges to make tomorrow's possibilities a reality."
Dr.C Evelio R. González Dalmau
Dr.C Evelio R. González Dalmau
Cuban Neurosciences Center (CNEURO)

Constantly investing to maximize the ability to convey the client's vision and expectations. Significant contributors to the product evolution. From the idea to an MVP in the shortest time.

+feliz actividad

AVANGENIO engaged in the community.

We invite you to get to know a project that will make you fall in love: +Feliz, (help for children without family support), as well as the care provided to people in case of disasters.


AVANG23: Software Development Innovation Event

As technology evolves rapidly, we need to keep up with the latest trends and practices to ensure our continuous growth and success. With this vision, we organized the first edition of AVANG23, an academic event hosted by AVANGENIO, in early July 2023. This event reflects our culture of fostering innovation and creativity within our organization and addressing cutting-edge issues in software development. The first edition of AVANG23 was a highly rewarding and inspiring experience, as it stimulated an academic discussion on current topics that affect our organization significantly. Through this event, we gained a deeper insight into the challenges we face and a stronger confidence in our ability to overcome them.

software development factory
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